Testimonials - Hear from the Pride

"My daughter has blossomed at Lionheart. She looks forward to going in the morning and when I pick her up in the afternoon she always has a smile on her face. Gone are the days of having to decompress from "holding it together" in public school. Most parents who walk this path will tell you that this, by itself, is reason enough to be at Lionheart, but it is just a benefit. There is great focus on the social skills that elude our children and teaching academics in meaningful ways that encourage instead of discourage. It was been an excellent experience!"
Anne C.

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"Our son has come such a long way since starting Lionheart.  It has been an amazing experience to watch the transformation take place.  Joshua always excelled in school academically.  Making mostly A's and an occasional B, but he always preferred to play by himself and not interact with other children much.  Now he not only participates in conversations more frequently, but will initiate his own conversations now.  He participates in interactive play with his sister more regularly and will even participate in "craft" play when asked to.  All of which did not happen much before starting Lionheart.  The teachers and staff at Lionheart are amazing and I can't thank them enough for creating such a wonderful learning environment."
Janice W.

"This year our son and entire family have experienced a peaceful and happy school year. Our son is able to meet the academic challenges placed before him because his social needs are so well attended to at Lionheart. The staff support level is unbelievable and he quickly made friends! What a difference to have a school that IS your child's advocate along with you! We look forward to sending our son to Lionheart next year for a terrific start to Middle School."
Rebecca C.

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"We have been very happy with the quality of education and the personal care provided by the staff at Lionheart. They go out of their way to not only focus on my son's academic progress but also progress and growth in all aspects of his personality. They have been very accommodating with my son's sensory needs. My son absolutely loves school and has made huge strides in math, reading, writing and his social skills since he started Lionheart!"
Raji R.

"My son attended a good elementary school which provided autism resources, and he was supported in the regular classroom as well. However, we chose to switch to Lionheart because we were familiar with the staff and their unmatched autism expertise.  After the first few weeks of school I was very pleasantly surprised  at the absence of anxiety in my son compared to prior years.  We hadn't realized the amount of anxiety just "holding it together"  in a regular education setting caused him. At Lionheart, he's comfortable and happy, and has grown more academically this year than any other year.  He's also made some new friends and grown socially."
Julie T.

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My son graduated last year and we couldn't be happier with the education that he received at Lionheart.  The teachers took the time to really learn who he is and how to meet his needs, while providing the discipline and expectations that will be necessary to succeed.  The growth I have seen and the friendships he's made could never be replaced.
Katy M.