Tripp & Jackie Starling

Our daughter did very well in the early grades at public school but started to struggle in middle school.  We, as parents, tried hard to advocate for her needs and felt like we were getting nowhere.  We were always on edge waiting for a phone call from the school and felt very hopeless about our daughter’s school career.  We began our search for schools that are specifically for children with autism and found Lionheart and we are so glad that we did.  Lionheart Academy gives our daughter a place where she can belong, be herself, be accepted for who she is, have friends, learn, grow and be happy.  The extra effort by the teachers, the thoughtful instruction, the patient and caring attitudes, and the compassion that they have for their students makes such a difference.  Recently, she told us, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now, I feel like everything is going really good for me.”  It’s a huge relief that we can trust Lionheart and can relax knowing that they know how to take care of her and help her through difficult moments and we can go through our day without fear of something going wrong at school.  We are extremely thankful we found Lionheart!