Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you currently have?

We currently have 4th through 12th grade.

Do you have an active PTO?

Of course! We also offer monthly outings for our parents and kids to practice social skills and for community support.

Is Lionheart a school only for students with autism?

Yes, to attend Lionheart Academy students need to have an autism diagnosis.

Does Lionheart Academy have art and music classes?

No, we would love to have art and music for our students, but our students need to learn a lot about social skills and our day is full of our academic and social curriculum.

Does Lionheart have Speech, OT, or PT services?

No, we do not have these services, but we do implement supports for students where we can. For example, if a student has a lot of difficulty writing, they can use their Chromebook or a tablet for writing. For speech we work on increasing vocabulary and being able to use the words in sentences.

How does Lionheart teach social skills?

We use Social Thinking® and implement learned skills throughout the entire school day.

Do you have a Summer Camp?

Yes, we have a summer camp program. It runs from the middle of June to the beginning of August. Please see our website for the application and more information.

Does Lionheart have an after-school program?

Yes, Lionheart has an afternoon program where students complete homework and work on social skills through play in the natural environment.

Does Lionheart have after school activities?

Yes, this year many of our students are enrolled in a Drama Club. Although this is an additional fee, our students are practicing role play through drama which helps our students socially. We are always reviewing options for other programs.

Is funding available to pay the tuition?

Yes, please visit the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority website for more information:

What is the difference between Occupational Course of Study and Standard Diploma?

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