Darren, Parent of a HS Student

This school made my son’s success a priority.  The teachers there do not give up on your kid. They have plans A-Z and keep at it until they find what clicks for your child. I am so grateful for the time those teachers spend working with my son so he can thrive.  There is no school like Lionheart Academy. The individual and child specific plans that Lionheart creates for all their students is amazing.  The staff at Lionheart understands how valuable communication and partnering is to a parent with a child with ASD.  I know how my son is progressing, where he struggles, and I am able to use those same strategies at home. If we would not have found Lionheart Academy, I am certain my son would not be able to meet this world’s challenges.  Lionheart teaches social and life skills in a practical and useful way.  Because of the programs at Lionheart, I can now imagine him being independent one day. I only wish we discovered Lionheart sooner.  Lionheart treats my son as a priority.  No other school comes close to working with my son like Lionheart does. The patience, compassion, creativity and energy that teachers at Lionheart have makes this school so special.