Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP 2022 Lionheart is offering summer camps for rising 4th graders through high school with autism on a regular curriculum track and their typical siblings. Each week will offer different social skill lessons and daily outings in the Lionheart van. Spots are limited.
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2802 St. Leo's Street,
Greensboro, NC 27405

Summer Camp Week 1

Blending into social environments and recognizing everyday stressors. Developing mechanisms to help cope with everyday stressors. Apply concepts to learn to control emotional reactions. Individual and group settings and working as a team to complete a given task.

Summer Camp week 2

Learning how to effectively communicate with body language and facial expressions. Understanding the core values of different types of communication. Learning to understand how others express themselves using body language and facial expression. Differentiating between verbal and non-verbal communication and knowing when to apply them to social situations and conversations. Gaining knowledge on how to use the whole human body to show interest and express to other’s that they are being heard and acknowledged.

Summer Camp Week 3

Creating an in depth examination of our personal thoughts and feelings. Learning constructive ways to appropriately respond to emotions when being escalated. Learning to create a safe place and a secure mindset to develop confidence in controlling emotional instabilities.

Summer Camp week 4

Learning to adapt to uncertain situations and applying the concepts of social flexibility. Create a sense of understanding the sizes of problems and how different personal reactions can affect the thoughts and feelings of others. Creating a sense of ethics and understanding society’s expectations of individual behaviors. Learning how to differentiate the behaviors that should be displayed among a variety of social environments.

Summer Camp week 5

Building and maintaining health relationships. Understanding the attributes and characteristics that helps sustain healthy relationships and friendships. Recognizing false friendships and the importance of knowing what relationships are healthy or not.

Ready for a great summer in 2022?