OCS Course


The Occupational Course of Study (OCS) is one of the two ways to obtain a NC diploma at Lionheart Academy. Unlike the traditional diploma track, the OCS track has a curriculum that is functional and hands on with a focus of employment in the competitive work force. Each student has an individualized career portfolio that documents the North Carolina required course credits as well as their work hours needed to obtain the OCS diploma. 2016-17 School based training hours for our OCS students includes:

  • Tripps
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Salvation Army
  • Reconsidered Goods
  • Yorkie Rescue
  • Clifton Warehouse
  • Chez Genese
  • Creating our Lionheart Academy Library
  • Learning how to strip down and rebuild a computer
  • Installing software on computers

Lionheart Academy's Occupational Course of Study students participate in job skill opportunities designed with meaningful employment in mind. This year the students are learning how to take apart and put computers together; as well as using computer software. They are also assembling a working library checkout system for the Lionheart Library. These work hours occur mainly after school to allow the students time in their school day to develop the academic skills they will need for future job and life success!