Promoting Understanding

We understand autism, level 1 and level 2, and other neurocognitive differences. We have a strengths-based approach that is autism affirming, ensuring our students see themselves at their best to promote dignity and self-worth. This allows students to move that value forward to capitalize on their strengths, rather than focus on their deficits.

We seek to understand our students’ concerns and motivations. We respect their learning differences. Through our socio-academic curriculum, we help our students develop a respectful understanding of different perspectives. The staff at Lionheart ensure our students have equitable access to educational supports that will allow them to thrive.

We also understand that discipline issues are often related to autism and deficits in theory of mind and communication. Lionheart Academy’s strong focus on the social environment coupled with applied behavioral analysis (ABA) behavioral intervention programs allow us to be better equipped to handle minor offenses without punitive consequences.


Respectful Community

Everyone has a place of belonging. We support and challenge each other as we grow from our strengths to realize our potential. We surround each student with a community of caring that extends far beyond the doors of our school. You know your child best, we want parents to be part of the Lionheart community. Our daily interactions extend kindness and compassion to each student in our learning community to help build trust..

We model the benefits of positive social interaction by our engagement with staff members, students, families and the larger community, resulting in greater opportunities for our students to explore and develop their passions.


Independence Fostering

We want every student to realize their potential and be as independent as possible. We understand there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future. Lionheart will be part of your team to help your student find the right path to successfully transition to adulthood.  We understand that individuals with autism will require some supports, we teach our students to advocate for their needs.

Lionheart wants to see our students succeed. We want to see our students transition to less restrictive settings when they are ready. Lionheart may just be a jumping board to get your student ready for future goals.

……We also offer adult transition services, because we understand the path to independence may be longer for some students. Lionheart will be there beyond graduation.

Developing Perseverance

We persist in our support of students and families, and measure our results over months or years, not days or weeks. We see challenges and failures as an opportunity for growth; not a reflection on the level of intelligence.  We challenge students to chart their own progress, step-by-step, and encourage them to value each accomplishment on their educational journey.

At Lionheart, we have a mindset that students haven't mastered it "yet". Time, practice, and perseverance will lead to improvement and self-development. 

Embracing Flexibility

We are flexible in our use of space, resources, time and talent, although we value consistency and routine.  We also know content, schedules, routines and plans are subject to change - daily if need be - in order to best meet the needs of each and every student.  Flexibility in our school allows us to be open to new ideas, adapt to changes, and meet the needs of our students. Being flexible teaches important life skills to students. 

At Lionheart, we believe in educating to uphold academic integrity of the diploma tracks while emphasizing functional skills, growth mindset, and problem solving skills.  We offer flexible differentiation, remediating and enriching as needed to meet the current needs of the student. 

Lionheart Pride!

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