Fun Run

THANK YOU to all of our Lionheart Families and Friends who helped us raise almost $7,000 (130% of our goal) at our Fun Run! We are so grateful for your support!

Elijah Marsh

Lionheart Student Spotlight: Elijah Marsh

Elijah is a very smart and creative young man. He is a straight A student. He has adjusted really well at Lionheart. His social skills among his peers are remarkable. He has compassion and cares for people, also he has begun to recognize other's emotions which is a huge milestone for him. I am so proud of him. The goals for Elijah are to continue to put forth his best effort both academically and socially.


Amelia Faust

Lionheart Academy Student Spotlight: Amelia

Amelia is back in the saddle!! After a few falls she had some lasting fears about riding and took a few years off. Once Victory Junction started their new riding program it was a natural fit for her since she knew the horses and the instructors. It has been been great to see her get back into something she really loved.

Evan Pardue

Lionheart Academy would like to congratulate High School student Evan Pardue on this amazing accomplishment!

Lionheart Student Spotlight: Evan Pardue

This summer, Evan, successfully completed a 10 day trek at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. He reached the summit of Mt. Phillips which was over 11,000 feet and hiked over 90 miles.